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We want to keep this blog ads free and we knew, that is possible when generous people like you would consider contributing to our blog. With this in mind as we were designing the logo for our blog, we accidentally designed the beautiful logo with a plant in between and then it struck us, why not forward your generosity towards the Mother Nature?

So we decided for any and every contribution made to our authors we will be planting a tree on your name.

How this Works?

I am sure, you might have had the same question right? No worries! we have all the answers to your questions.

We Collaborated


We have collaborated with OneTreePlanted which aims to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.
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Our Fundraiser

The Budding Engineer

We started a fundraiser pledging to raise $500 or in other terms planting 500 trees. You can also become a part of our team and spread the word.
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Your Contribution

$1 for every $3

After you decide to contribute to any of our authors, we invest $1 for every contribution of $3 to the fundraiser. Ex: If you contribute $9 we will plant 3 trees on your name.

We believe in our commitment towards fighting deforestation . Although, we would love it if you would consider supporting our blog and supporting our planting initiative but if due to some reason you would want to directly contribute towards our fund raiser, you can do that as well. We welcome all scale of donations anyone can provide and assure you that any donation, however small or large, means a lot to this initiative.

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